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First of all, is it Sakuracon or Sakura-con or Sakura con .___.
I guess it doesn't really matter, I just want to know.

Anyways! Yeah, Sakuracon  (>>) was flippin amazing. I almost cried when I went back to school today because I missed it so much. It was awful. I hate school.

Well, I guess I can go over what went on all three days and drown your mind with never ending text. Yeah, that sounds nice.

Day 1!
Actually, brief summary of the day before. Went to my friends house so that she could take me to Sakuracon. Had all that cosplays for my friends and her mom ( which was a furret and a snorlax) and my cosplay (the amazing Timcanpy). Has some pizza, then we wasted a few hours trying to get to bed (took a while)

Okay, now we go to Day 1! We woke up at 4:30, got in the car with the left over pizza, then drove to Sakuracon. Good thing we left to early too! We would had waited in line for a bitchy amount of time if we got there any later. Last year it took me four hours to get my ticket (and yes it was on a Saturday), this year is took us about two hours (for a three day pass). Made some line buddies while playing marco polo. Awesome stuff.
Hmm . . . Well after we got out of line we just walked around and lost the game a lot (like you just did) and took pictures. We went to opening ceremonies with the oh so hilarious Todd Habberkorn. Oh my, that was flippin awesome. After that . . . it's a blur. We went into the artist alley, then the huge shopping center with the lovely yaoi panel. I remember the huge glomp circle though! Yay for making awesome friends in a glomp circle :'DD

Second day, first picture I took was Cross Marian. I remember because he / she was the one who told me about the DGM photo shoot. And now I will skip all the other events and lead myself to the photoshoot. Seriously, it was pretty hectic, but awesome. I love all you guys who cosplay for DGM, you make me so happy *glomps* and thanks Lavi for letting me hold your innocence (hoho!).

Hmm. . . i don't really feel like writing anymore . . , maybe I can find a way to edit this journal to add onto my story |D

BTW, I have uploaded all of my pictures from Sakuracon onto my computer, I'm just pondering whether I should upload them to DA or not. Because . . . there's a lot of pictures.

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